Economic Stimulus Package

If you are like us, you’ll be having clients calling every 5 minutes for updates about the recent issues we are challenged by. The task we are faced with is one of keeping clients calm and working to ensure they come through things as safe and sound and intact as possible.


As accountants, as the ones clients turn to when they can’t turn to anyone else, we have a job to do. That starts with communication – clear and often, especially now when we are all put to the test. There’s work to be done.


Like you, we also want our clients to come through the current challenge, knowing someone has their back. That is why we have put together a range of packages to help you help your clients, even if that just means helping you being the sound of reason and hope and showing you will be there for them when this is all over – a team.


Given that you’ll likely be stretched operationally and financially over the coming months (and facing your own challenges) now is the time to get clients to use your website, blog and SmartPracticeApp Lite to keep up to date. That is why we have put together a number of options that allow you to stay connected with a website or blog or SmartPracticeApp, and pay only a setup cost and nothing for up to 12 months.


Order any web or blog package and get up to 6 months maintenance free. Combine a website and social media managed blog and we will include SmartPracticeApp Lite, our mobile app at no cost for 12 months.


We also have some great stand-alone mobile app options (SmartPracticeApp Lite) that will give you 12 months free maintenance, starting from $795.00 plus GST or look at options on SmartPracticeApp Plus and Pro that will give you up to 6 months maintenance free.